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Online CEUs Reinvented.

Welcome to CODA Brothers Learning. We are creating an entirely new process for ASL Professionals to earn CEUs.


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Presenters: The CODA Brothers - Ben & Andy Olson

  • Price: $20

  • Online Learning

  • Social Learning

  • 0.1 RID CEU / 1 hr Learning

  • Presented in: ASL (with voiceover)

  • Some knowledge of topic required


Let’s Unpack: What Deaf People “Love” about Interpreters.

Welcome to CODA Brothers Learning - our first online class!

Ben & Andy Olson (CODA Brothers) unpack one of their most popular CODA Brothers Vlogs, “What Deaf People “Love” about Interpreters.” In CODA Brothers fashion, they use satire, humor and exaggeration to explore the serious topic of how to apply RID’s Code of Professional Conduct (CPC) in a practical manner for ASL interpreters.

This online class uses new Social Learning technology. Interacting with fellow ASL professionals and the instructors creates a new and fun way to learn. Instead of a standardized multiple choice test to ‘demonstrate learning’, the learner will post an original thoughts/questions in ASL. This learning method encourages sharing, discussions, and collaboration rivaling an in person workshop. A novel concept in online learning.

The learner will:

  • Watch the video presented.

  • Reflect on RID’s CPC.

  • Post a comment / thought / question on this topic.

  • Post a thoughtful caring comment on a fellow colleagues post.


Social Learning.

Online learning doesn’t have to be a one person activity. Earn your RID CEUs and interact with your colleagues.

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Watch & LeaRn

CODA Brothers Interpreting creates practical, educational and thoughtful classes for interpreters. We are a Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) sponsor -that’s a mouthful!

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Create a Post

Instead of a multiple choice test, CODA Brothers learning uses Social Learning. The interpreter posts an original thought, question, comment or idea on the topic presented.

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Discuss with others

This is where the fun begins! Interpreters can see what others are thinking and can post follow up thoughts or questions. This style of learning is like being at a live event, but you can participate anytime that fits your schedule.

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Lesson planning new content.

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